Complaints about AIPP members

AIPP provides a forum for the resolution of disputes arising between international property buyers and AIPP members. The Dispute Resolution Procedure forms part of AIPP members’ commitment under the Code of Conduct.


Making a complaint against an Agent or Developer

In the event of a dispute arising with an agent or developer member of AIPP, this should first be referred directly to the company concerned and efforts should be made to resolve the dispute via the company’s internal complaints procedure.

If the matter cannot be resolved directly, you may request to invoke the AIPP’s Dispute Resolution Procedure. AIPP may be able to help the parties resolve the dispute through the specialist and independent services provided to AIPP members by the TPO -The Property Ombudsman

Consumers are under no obligation to refer to this procedure; it is provided as an optional avenue of redress for clients of AIPP members. Please note that AIPP cannot provide legal advice and buyers of international property are advised to seek comprehensive independent legal advice prior to making an international property purchase, and in the event of problems occurring.

About AIPP’s Dispute Resolution Procedure

By way of their AIPP membership, agent and developer members of AIPP are bound to resolve their disputes by this procedure if the other party so wishes.

If you cannot resolve your dispute directly with the company and you wish to refer this to AIPP’s Dispute Resolution Procedure please download the TPO official complaint form here, complete and email it to 

Disciplinary matters

If your complaint also involves an alleged breach of the AIPP’s rules or Code of Conduct, this will be addressed by The Property Ombudsman (TPO) through the TPO Disciplinary Standards Committee who will make a recommendation to the Board of the AIPP for possible further sanction. 

The AIPP Dispute Resolution Procedure via The Property Ombudsman can be viewed here


Making a complaint against Associate members

(Eg financial services, legal, currency, media etc members) 

The Property Ombudsman does not cover complaints against Associate members, so please complete the AIPP Complaint form should you wish to raise a complaint against one of our Associate Members. This will be processed according to the existing AIPP Disciplinary Procedure. 

Please note that we are only able to process complaints against Associate Members that are raised within 6 months from the end of the Company's internal complaints procedure. 


Network Members

Please note that Network Members are not covered by the TPO Complaint Process or the AIPP Disciplinary Process

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