2006: survey on the year in international property


Next week, the Association of International Property Professionals will release its second survey of the year, potentially the most comprehensive ever released in the international property market.
‘There are few, if any, reliable figures in this market,’ said Paul Owen, Chief Executive of the AIPP. ‘It is part of our role to be the independent body providing reliable data on the market.’
It is notoriously difficult to find figures that are well-sourced in the world of international property. Most figures are predictions on the market: So-and-so-land will go up in value by xx% and every market is always on the up!
‘We’ll leave the predictions of the market to other people,’ continued Owen. ‘Our figures will tell the market and the consumer what has happened this year. They will be based on facts, not conjecture, predictions or, like much in this market, guesses. We expect this year’s report to provide real information about the number of people buying overseas as well as the most popular countries and the fastest growing.’
The survey’s results and report will be released on the first day at OPP Live, the industry’s trade exhibition, taking place on 7th and 8th December in London.  
Owen explained, ‘The AIPP was launched at OPP Live last year and it was the perfect platform for such an announcement. As the one event of the year that brings together everyone in the industry, it will also be the right place to announce the results of this survey. The report will obviously be of great interest to the consumer as well, but we thought the information and insight should be shared with the industry first.’
Pick up a copy of the report on AIPP’s stand at OPP Live next week; they will be on stand W15.


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