AIPP Awards Night moved to Spring


After a very successful launch in 2008, the AIPP Awards have been under scrutiny by the AIPP Board as they consider how best to build on that for future events. A change of plan was submitted to the Board at the beginning of the year and it has recently been adopted. 

The AIPP Awards Night will now be moved from Autumn 2009 to Spring 2010. Chief Executive Paul Owen explained the Board’s reasons for the change.
‘There are a few reasons for this, the first two logistical. First, Autumn provides a logistics and timing problem in getting the entries judged (robustly and independently) over the months in which many people take summer holidays. Also, the Autumn selling season is very short - just 8 weeks of focused selling activity for most companies - allowing little time for Awards programmes and ceremonies.
‘In addition, it would be ludicrous to pretend that the present economic climate has not also been a factor. We have already had interest expressed by both sponsors and entrants though it is clear that few are able to commit time and money right now to an event taking place in October.’
A key reason for the timing of last year’s AIPP Awards was a link to the London date of A Place in the Sun Live (APITSL), with the Awards scheduled to take place on the Friday of the showAPITSL’s London date was laterpostponed, though the AIPP Awards Night still took place as planned. There are no plans to do the show in London in October this year;A Place in the Sun Live will take place in Birmingham in October.
‘If we were to start again from scratch, we’d have the AIPP Awards in the Spring each year,’ added Owen. ‘So, if we were ever going to change it, this is the time to do it.’
‘We’re confident that this is the right decision for the AIPP Awards,’ concluded Owen. ‘An independently judged, non-profit-making initiative to reward and celebrate the best customer service in the market is important for our industry and the AIPP is undoubtedly the best home for such a programme. We look forward to presenting the AIPP Awards for a second time in Spring 2010 and to seeing our event become an essential Springtime date for the international property calendar.’ 


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