AIPP Dispute Resolution Procedure, AIPP Code of Conduct & associated documents


Further to our mailer dated 16th May 2014, the proposed changes to the AIPP Code of Conduct and how the AIPP handles complaints have officially been adopted, as announced at the AGM on the 13th of June.

The AIPP Dispute Resolution Procedure will now be handled by the specialist and independent services provided by The Property Ombudsman (TPO).

This brings AIPP members into line with the other 15,000 members in our group company, NFoPP ( and for which there are no charges for member participation in the TPO scheme

Remember that, with careful and diligent application, you can turn such seemingly negative and mundane business processes into a positive commercial differentiator to boost your business. Please click here for more info

The new procedure for Agent and Developer members to follow can be seen by clicking this link.

TPO provide an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service in a world requiring settlement of an increasing number of grievances – as witnessed by the larger caseloads faced by traditional courts. ADR imposes fewer costs than litigation, usually takes a lot less time and provides a preference for confidentiality. ADR can be broken into three subtypes; negotiation, mediation and arbitration.

Note for AIPP Associate members: The movement of Agents & Developers to the TPO service does not affect Associate members who will remain within the existing AIPP Disciplinary Procedure.

Please click on the links below to view the updated documents:

AIPP Dispute Resolution Procedure

AIPP Code of Conduct

AIPP Rules of Membership

AIPP Disciplinary Procedure

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