AIPP launches a new range of insurance services


The Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) is launching a range of insurance services for consumers and companies in the industry to help eradicate common concerns of the industry and make it safer for people to buy property overseas.

Since its inception five years ago, the AIPP has dealt with a number of consumer complaints involving issues surrounding title deeds and building defects.  Professor Mark Sharp, CEO of the AIPP, says: “Over the years, our experience has shown that many of the concerns when buying abroad centre around quality of build and the certainty of obtaining full rights to the land and property. To make this easier and safer for consumers, we are launching an innovative range of new insurance services that tackle these worries. It will enable consumers to feel more confident about buying a property abroad.”

The AIPP has teamed up with Kinnell Corporate Limited to tailor this new range of insurance services for consumers and the industry alike, to specifically address the issues highlighted above. The range of insurances available through the ‘AIPP Insurance Services’ includes latent defects, title insurance, and travel insurance and full details can be found at

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