AIPP Members see consumer reassurance


With the publication of AIPP’s first Members Directory, thousands more buyers are now aware of the AIPP

Many Members are reporting increased consumer confidence in their work thanks to their AIPP membership. With the publication of AIPP’s first Members Directory, thousands more buyers are now aware of the AIPP, its aims and the values of its Members. The Directory was available as a free supplement in A Place in the Sun magazine’s November issue and was featured editorially in the Daily Mail, Sunday Express and London’s Evening Standard, as well as being advertised in Homes Overseas and Homes Worldwide.
‘I have been told by Members that they are making sales because of this consumer awareness and resulting reassurance,’ explained Paul Owen, AIPP’s Chief Executive. ‘One Member told me that a visitor to a recent exhibition came straight to their stand, informed them that he would buy only from an AIPP Member and that, as they were the only one there representing their country of interest, they wanted to see their properties. The client bought from the Member.
‘I know this is a very simple story and is only one buyer. However, there are other examples and this is just the beginning. In return for their voluntary commitment to professional guidelines and industry standards, it is quite right that Members see a commercial advantage.
‘For anybody concerned about rampant commercialism governing a regulatory agenda, the only way to implement self-regulation is to provide Members with benefits of membership once they have been vetted and approved. The greatest possible benefit is more sales.
‘People should not be worried about this. Those benefits actually provide the ammunition for our self-regulating power: if Members are making sales from membership, they will not want to break our rules and run the risk of expulsion. The loss of member status will cost them credibility, lose them sales and reduce their profits. Result: recognising the commercial benefit of membership, they will work hard to uphold our standards, keep their membership, and hold onto their credibility and sales. And that’s how we regulate.’


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