AIPP seeks APPG (All-Party Parliamentary Group) with UK Parliament 18th November 2014


AIPP has received sponsorship from David Amess MP to host an event at the House of Commons on the 18th November. The focus will be to bring UK MP’s attention to the key issues in the international property sector. This can only be done with vital inputs from AIPP members to help the next 1 million Brits buying abroad do so more confidently & safely. The AIPP wishes to assist politicians with constituent enquiries and give guidance for those thinking of buying property abroad or in trouble having done so. The formation of an APPG gives an excellent platform to connect with MP’s and policy makers and, through them, links into supranational bodies, such as the EU, and foreign government departments.  

Read more about this AIPP initiative HERE in the briefing document presented to the office of David Amess MP in July 2014. 

AIPP members wishing to attend this event at the House of Commons on 18th November please email

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