AIPP to launch: Alliance International Property Owners (AIPO)


Dedicated to supporting British-resident owners & buyers of a foreign property, AIPP is committed to supporting those the industry helps to create: a foreign property owner. 
An estimated 800,000 British residents own a foreign property with around 20,000 buyers each year plus a further 600,000 who own a timeshare. AIPO will offer owners support in the following 4 areas: 
1. Knowledge & Advice 
2. Inspiration, Savings & Offers 
3. Representation to Authority 
4. Community Hub. 
In support of this new initiative, AIPO has been welcomed into membership of the UK Tourism Alliance, alongside the likes of ABTA and Airlines UK. Connecting AIPO to owners & buyers of a foreign property will use traditional media, such as property shows, also social media and press coverage. Current social media connections at AIPP are running at over 30,000 per month with, on average, around 1,200 connections made via searches, clicks and downloads from the AIPP website. Significant budgets will be made available to support AIPO in the same way. To support this new initiative, AIPP will also get a new (more trade oriented) website, launching at the same time as the new AIPO website.
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