AIPP Zone at Property Investor Show, 19-21 Sept


A new market initiative is launched at the Property Investor Show this weekend – The AIPP Zone. 

An area at the front of the Property Investor Show is dedicated only to AIPP Members, a first for the international property market. All visitors to the show will see the AIPP brand within and around the Zone, and will have their attention further drawn to it by extensive coverage of the AIPP and its Members within the Show Guide.
On Friday, Real Estate TV will be filming at the heart of the Zone at the AIPP Meeting Point, 120 sq metres of space for business meetings for Members. RETV will be interviewing Members and consumers about the market today, the feedback to be featured within the half-hour show ‘Buying Property Overseas Safely in association with the AIPP’, to be broadcast soon.
‘This is a massive event for the AIPP and our Members,’ said Paul Owen, Chief Executive of the AIPP. ‘The business meeting point within our Zone, sponsored by Daily Mail and RETV, will become a fulcrum for much of the business conducted at the show. Even more importantly, of course, the Zone will be seen by every visitor to the show – it will be hard to miss it right at the front of the hall, with banners hanging from the ceiling!
‘Raising consumer awareness of the AIPP and the benefits of buying with Members is key to our development: it gives benefits to our Members in return for their voluntary commitment to industry regulation; it makes membership more attractive and should therefore increase our Member numbers; and by encouraging consumers to buy where they see the badge of membership, we can build their confidence in buying property overseas.
'Our market has never experienced a time when the bolstering of consumer confidence was more important. AIPP and its Members are helping to do that.’
All AIPP Members are welcome to use the AIPP Meeting Point at the show and all non-Members are invited to find out more about membership by visiting AIPP at the show. Chief Executive Paul Owen will be available all weekend for meetings with Members and non-Members alike.
The AIPP Zone is a concept exclusive to the Property Investor Show run by Homebuyer Events.


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