International Ethics Standards Coalition Consultation


This three month consultation on the draft IES standards is open to the public and has been organised by the IES Coalition. This IES consultation draft has been written by an independently appointed Standards Setting Committee (SSC) and sets out the first set of high level global ethics principles for practitioners operating across land, property, construction, infrastructure and related professions.  This is to ensure that the final standards are understood and accepted by all participating organisations, practitioners and their clients. Collecting feedback is an essential part of a transparent standards development process. Seeking views and opinions about the draft standards will help the SSC ensure that the final version is globally relevant and fit-for-purpose.




Who should respond:

  • Anyone involved with land, real estate, construction, infrastructure or related professions should feedback about the draft International Ethics Standards:
    • Businesses: All firms providing services in land, property, construction, infrastructure and related professions.
    • Practitioners: Individuals who are members of Coalition organisations. This will include but is not limited to: architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, quantity surveyors / cost consultants, commercial and residential project managers, building surveyors, facilities managers, planning and development specialists, property managers, real estate brokers and investors.
    • Clients and consumers of professional services: Any recipients of advice or services from commercial firms or individual practitioners in the sectors outlined.
    • Public sector: Government departments, self- and statutory regulators, quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations.
    • Not-for-profit associations and education: Other membership, trade or professional bodies operating across land, real estate, construction and infrastructure, academic bodies and consumer organisations.



  • A huge amount of the world’s wealth is tied up in these sectors and there are clear benefits from creating a set of high level ethics principles. By doing this, we can make sure professional ethics is even higher up the agenda and stimulate conversations about enhancing client confidence and public protection.
  • This is a powerful and positive step for the property profession and for the many thousands of professional practitioners around the world.
  • Representative real estate and related professional bodies involved in the IES Coalition exist to guide, enhance and promote the professional, technical and ethical expertise of their members.  Establishing one global Coalition of experts combines  existing ethical knowledge about different real estate markets and related disciplines and creates an opportunity for those involved in land, property, construction and infrastructure to reflect on and address the role that ethics plays in their own organisations.


Ethics issues:

  • There are many related issues such as labour exploitation, bribery, corruption and money laundering and all these demonstrate how important ethics should be. Where there is a need to re-build business confidence, embracing an ethical approach is essential to safeguard professional standards. An international ethics standard can bring much needed clarity.
  • The IES Standards Setting Committee sought to identify fundamental principles as a basis on which to develop the first International Ethics Standards for land, real estate, construction and infrastructure. As this is the first global exercise of its kind for these sectors, the IES Standards Setting Committee wishes to seek agreement on and align universal principles.
  • Each organisation which is part of the IES Coalition is likely to provide advice and guidance to their members about related ethics issues.
  • Feedback we receive during this three month consultation on the draft standard may well cover specific issues which the independent Standards Setting Committee will discuss when finalising the high level principles.


Global representation:

  • The independent standards setting committee was selected to reflect the global nature of the project.
  • Following a transparent and open recruitment process, the IES Coalition selected industry leaders and ethics experts. It is possibly one of the most diverse standards setting committee which has ever looked at ethics across land, real estate, construction, infrastructure and related professions.
  • The three month consultation will be promoted by all the 63 IES Coalition organisations involved – an extensive network of professional bodies, associations and standards setting organistions that spans diverse and complex geographical world regions.
  • This global IES Coalition will be actively liaising with practitioners, firms, their clients, academic bodies and public sector organisations to generate feedback.


You can read the UK press release here


About the IES Coalition

The IES Coalition consists of 63 professional bodies and standards setting organisations. The International Ethics Standard is the first of its kind for the sector and will align the ethics principles adhered to by professionals in land, property, construction and infrastructure. The Coalition believes that this will de-risk property and BE markets for investors, businesses and the public at large and help to reassert the role that ethics plays in the global property profession.

Implementing one International Ethics Standard that underpins existing codes of ethics creates an opportunity to re-position business ethics at the heart of the world’s real estate industry. Creating one over-arching set of ethical principles will also help real estate and related professional organisations better promote values that allow ethical business to flourish.

AIPP is a trustee of the IECS and as a member of its Standard Setting Committee has actively participated in the creation of the draft ethical principles for real estate practitioners to observe. AIPP CEO, Peter Robinson, commented: “Real estate markets have gone global bringing significant upsides and some downsides for the many and varied stakeholders. The navigation of these markets needs a ‘North Star’ by which all can be guided and the trade needs this important initiative by which all can agree how to plot a true course. The AIPP is fully behind the IESC initiative and will play a leading role in supporting its development”




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