OPP challenges AIPP!




Regular readers of OPP magazine may already have seen the article in the July/August edition about the future of AIPP. Taking the format of a round table discussion, this brought together the views of some prominent members of our industry, including AIPP's Chair Sue Ash. The discussion was chaired by John Howell, Editorial Director of OPP and former AIPP Board member. Entitled 'One World, One Standard' the discussion looked at the role of AIPP, and how they saw the future.

There was unanimous agreement for the need for an international association, a voice that is 'constructive, authoritative, and responsible'. It was recognised that the merger with NFOPP will mean that AIPP's geographical reach and strength will increase enormously.

AIPP's role in encouraging and protecting the industry, but also in acting as the consumers' friend, is an all embracing one which marks the difference between AIPP and most of the other international property bodies. The article is extremely useful in defining AIPP's basic objectives:

  • to make the process of buying international property more secure

  • to promote best practice

  • the education of the property buying public and also of the profession

  • to monitor (and police if necessary) members activities.

We're not going to reproduce the whole article here, but you can access the whole article on the OPP Connect website, follow this link www.opp-connect.com/index.php?option=com_articles to the Articles page, the article is called 'One World, One Standard'

The article ends with a list of challenges for AIPP -

  • Go global but do so by encouraging local branches and by cooperation with other ‘partner’ organisations

  • Grow your numbers substantially

  • Try to agree some global standards for the industry. Standards that can be promoted by all of the partner organisations and then monitored and policed.

  • Set and maintain clear standards. Take strong enforcement action where necessary

  • Educate the public in the merits of the ownership of international property and the way to buy safely

  • Educate the industry. Insist on appropriate training for those running an international property company and for those working within such a company. Insist on compliance

  • Lobby, at every level necessary, to try to ensure that legislators and others in power understand the economic importance of the industry and what it needs in order to provide a quality service to the consumer

  • Provide an alternative to the courts for disputes involving members dealings in international property

  • Explore the possibilities of a basic seal of approval for developments

  • Market AIPP to build its reputation.

AIPP is already engaged with a number of these challenges, some are achievable in a short period and others are more long term. However, as a list of issues for now and the future this is an excellent starting point.

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