Shameem Golamy's tips on how to improve lead conversion through your website


It was great to be back amongst my esteemed colleagues and peers of the overseas property world at the AIPP networking event back in March.

For those that don’t know me yet, I was fortunate to spend many years with one of best known online companies in the UK.

Nowadays, I spend more of my time more on the front line, getting my hands dirty working with agents and developers with my digital marketing agency. My business was and still is in helping agents and developers to find more customers. I’m also privileged to be working with Peter and the AIPP as a special advisor on some exciting new digital initiatives that he is working on.

Now in my day job, the most common question I get asked is “how can you help me to get more customers?”. Inevitably my clients think they are asking me how to get more leads into the top of their sales funnels.

You are all familiar with sales funnels right? Keeping it simple, three stages, leads to prospects to customers or thinking about it another way: attract, engage, nurture and sell.

When I really started scratching beneath the surface of the setup of each of these companies their processes and how they organise their sales funnels, I found that lead generation wasn’t really the problem, it was lead conversion. And I believe that is a problem that most of us have.

Getting the leads in the top of the funnel, we know how to do that, we go on a portal or we come here. But it is the engagement, nurturing side where I think we are letting ourselves down.

The world has moved on, buyers are now smarter, more capable, and better- informed than ever before. Their decision making takes longer and serious buyers expect a higher level of service and over a longer period of time.

Ok, so we know the problem but what is the solution?

Well in order for a customer to engage with you they have to trust you. They will find you on a portal or at a show and if you have done enough there they will go and check you out.

Now what are they going to do, they are going to go to Google and search for your website, and what do they find when they there?

I was really amazed when I began focusing on this area deeply. Agent websites, developers are guilty too with bland sites, text heavy, cookie cutter, templated websites that actually have the effect of turning buyers off rather than turning them on.

Buying an overseas property is one of the most exciting, inspirational things someone can do in their lifetime. But who can honestly say that they have really taken the time to make their website is exciting and inspirational?

Don’t worry, you are not alone, it is actually a really hard process to get started and get your head around if you don’t know what you are doing.

In my agent website nirvana, your websites you be the equivalent of a John Lewis or Coca Cola advert at Christmas time. Something that gets the audience emotional and connecting with your brand.

Having a modern, responsive and creative website is the beginning. Then you need to build trust so go out of you way to be helpful on your website.

You are all familiar with the concept of freemium. Offer a guide, that has a perceived value for free or at a reduced rate and you will start get the customer to invest in you and you can then start to move them through your sales funnel.

My top tip for you is to think about improving your conversions, not just traffic.

Do that by building trust and make people feel like they want to engage with you

And finally, nurture them over time and make sure every contact with them is directed towards a goal.

Now, I should warn you, before you go tinkering with your sites make sure you get the help of an expert to make sure you don’t unwittingly break any currently good traffic flows into your site.

And lastly, like me, you wouldn’t miss an opportunity for a shameless plug! So, if you want to know how you can improve your customer conversions then do feel free to get in touch with me today.


Shameem Golamy

Managing Director

+44(0)7956 986635


"Shameem is an expert in lead generation and digital marketing strategies and is most well known for his high profile role as the Head of Overseas for Rightmove.

During his 7 years with Rightmove he amassed a wealth of knowledge in customer attraction, engagement and retention on a global scale.

He has improved lead flows and conversion rates for thousands of customers and is well known in the industry as a standard setter in digital marketing and as a thought leader.

Shameem brings his experience in being the driving force behind top international property website Rightmove Overseas and will inject that into your operation.

The end result is that your business will have more leads and a better chance of closing them, faster."


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