The AIPP Awards 2008 - Information for Members


Last week at the Member networking event on the eve of A Place in the Sun Live in Manchester, we announced to Members that The AIPP Awards 2008 will take place later this year. 

Summary of The AIPP Awards 2008
·          Only 11 Awards available;
·          Entry limited to agents and developers who are Members of the AIPP;
·          Only 1 winner per Award announced at Gala Dinner (shortlist announced in advance);
·          Significant consumer awareness campaign for Awards;
·          Feedback to all entrants from independent judges – fully transparent process;
·          Gala Dinner to take place on Friday 3rd October 2008 in London;
·          Entry packs available in first week of April;
·          Deadline for Awards entries – Friday 20th June 2008.
Full story of The AIPP Awards 2008
We will not judge any product – no ‘Best Development’ prizes here. Our Awards, available only to AIPP Business Members (those selling or building property), will focus on customer service.
We have looked at the process a buyer undergoes when buying property overseas. They want to be assured of a good service and a safe product; they want to talk to an informed team of people and they want the promises made to be kept.
·          How well do you tailor your property product to your buyers?
·          What checks are done on a development pre-selling?
·          Do you make your role clear to all buyers and do you deliver on your promises?
·          How much support do you give clients through the process of buying overseas?
The questions we ask in the Awards entry pack will probe the level of consumer reassurance that you are able to give; the answers will show how close you are to delivering it.
It’s hard to launch an Awards programme and say that it is not about winning. Clearly, winning an AIPP Award and being able to display to the buying public (and to the industry) that you are the proud winner of one of only 11 Awards handed out each year by the independent industry body is a real benefit when presenting your company to the outside world. 
However, in this case, there is more to the Awards than just winning. Every entrant will receive a full report from a judging panel of industry experts and respected outsiders. The report will highlight what you are seen to be doing well and will also explain what the judges see as potential improvements to your service. This report should provide valuable, independent feedback to your company (whether you win an Award or not).
We plan to call every AIPP Member soon to discuss the Awards, to explain the benefits of entering, to tell you about the marketing of the programme and, we hope, to gain your support.
With your support, these Awards will set the standards for customer service in our market. We look forward to speaking to you all very soon.


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