Turkey welcomes the AIPP


AIPP's Chief Executive was a guest speaker at Turkey's first trade show for international property, run by the Arena Group in Antalya. There was a very high level of interest in membership of the Association. 

From 19 - 22 April in Antalya, the Arena Group organised Turkey's first industry exhibition for international property; most of the exhibitors were Turkish developers.

The AIPP's Chief Executive, Paul Owen, was invited to address the conference. On both Friday and Saturday, Paul delivered a seminar explaining the work of the Association and making clear how Turkish agents and developers can play their part in improving the industry.

'My message is simple,' Owen said in his introduction to the seminar. 'Every one of you here today can play your part in making this industry better, cleaner and safer. A better, cleaner, safer international property market will naturally bring more buyers, more investors and more business for you all.

'This market will not improve by your doing nothing. If you want improvement, you must take action. Becoming a Member of the AIPP is a statement of intent to shape your industry. At the same time, your company will benefit.'

Another speaker at the show was Mark Rickard, of HIFX, who is also a Board Member of the AIPP.

'Much of my time at the show was spent talking about the AIPP!' explained Rickard upon his return to the UK. 'Many companies already knew about the Association, a good sign in itself that the message is reaching many people. I would expect most of the serious companies in the Turkish marketplace to become Members in the next few weeks. Almost every one I spoke to is planning to join.'

Kerem Koralay from the Arena Group was responsible for inviting the AIPP to the event. 'I took about 50 business cards of Mr Owen's and had run out by 4pm on Saturday. I personally introduced him to 15 developers but there were many more people who were waiting to speak to him. He did not have enough hours in the day to meet them all! The Arena Group very much supports the AIPP and we are in fact submitting an application to become Associate Members immediately.'

Ayse Ozcan of Acacia International, a Turkish property lawyer based in the UK and Turkey and an AIPP Board Member, was responsible for introducing the AIPP to the event. Her stand was used as the base for Owen's meetings.

'We had the same problem as the organisers: there were more people wanting to meet Paul than hours in the day! I'd expect many new Turkish Members and I think it's really important that the good, professional developers join soon and play their part in improving this industry.'

Colin Barrett-Treen, MD of Blue Horizons Overseas Property Network, was also invited to the show. 'It was inspiring to see the high quality of many of the developments on offer. It was good to see also that Turkish developers are keen to work with companies committed to the high standards of professionalism and integrity promoted by the AIPP. I had back-to-back meetings with developers at the show and feel very excited about the prospects for working in this market over the coming years.'

Owen plans to return to Turkey soon. 'There just was not enough time to meet everyone. On the second day, I did my final meeting with an agent at 11.30 at night; we finished just before midnight! We already have some very good Turkish developers as Members: Regnum, Artev, AGM, Nirvana International, Midas PLC and I expect to see many more soon. We also have 24 Estate Agents with properties in Turkey.'

Any Turkish property professionals who would like to find out more about becoming a Member of the AIPP should call the Association on +44 (0)20 3207 9095 or email memberinfo@aipp.org.uk. If you'd like to meet Owen on his next trip to Turkey, email paulowen@aipp.org.uk.




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