Use of AIPP logo by non-member companies


From time to time, the AIPP finds its logo being used by property companies who are not members of AIPP. We’d like to assure members and consumers that this happens relatively infrequently, however it is important to draw attention to this when such instances occur.

The AIPP member badge is a sign that a company is working under the industry Code of Conduct, and is accountable to AIPP under that Code and its associated Dispute Resolution and Disciplinary Procedures. When you see a company displaying our logo, for your own assurances we recommend that you visit our website where you can find a searchable and fully up-to-date Register of Members. This enables you to verify that the company you are dealing with is an AIPP Member, providing you with the added reassurance that they are bound by a professional Code.

The following companies/websites have recently been displaying AIPP’s logo without authorisation or falsing claiming to be members of AIPP:

Punta Perla Propeties LLC: this company is not, nor has been, an AIPP Member

“Tunisia Dream Homes”: this company is not, nor has been, an AIPP Member

“Beverly Alliance”: this company is not, nor has been, an AIPP Member

Positiva Property Group SL

NoMoreHotels Ltd

Chr. Karayiannas & Son Developers Ltd

Irish Bulgarian Property Ltd

Ecosse International Properties

Artec SA

Mint Overseas Ltd

Clear View International Ltd

Athena Overseas Ltd

Absolute Estates SL

MRT Insaat As

Crown Overseas Property Group Ltd

El Khayat for Touristic Investment and Real Estate Company


This list will be updated from time to time. If you find a company using AIPP's logo and are unable to find their company listed on our website, please contact us on +44 (0)20 3207 9095 or

Updated 4th March 2011

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